IRAP and PRP Therapy in Newnan, GA

Here at Southern Crescent Equine Services, we are pleased to offer our patients IRAP and PRP therapy to help them in their recovery.

IRAP therapy is used to treat osteoarthritic conditions that can cause lameness in horses. To do IRAP therapy, we take your horse’s own blood to help in the healing process. We extract good proteins from that blood and inject it into the affected joint. It works by amplifying the amount of anti-inflammatory and regenerative proteins found in the blood, helping the joint to heal more quickly and efficiently.

IRAP works well because it uses natural anti-inflammatory proteins. There are less side effects or a risk of an allergic reaction since we use your own horse’s blood. It is also quite effective.

PRP therapy is short for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. It also involves drawing blood from a patient, though this time, we want to isolate the platelets from the blood, making platelet-rich plasma. Once this blood is applied directly to an injury, it speeds up the healing process. It has been used successfully for skin, bone, and soft tissue injuries. It is also great to use for wounds that are having trouble healing.

PRP works by using a patient’s own blood so that there is less of a chance of a reaction. It also uses a sterile, closed system because the safety of our patients remains the most important.

We are so pleased to be able to offer these great therapies to help our patients heal. If you have any questions about our procedures, feel free to contact the office at (770) 252-6860.

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