What Are the Benefits of a Dental Exam?

When horses areexperiencing dental pain, you may notice your horse favoring one side of theirmouth when they eat or they may become fussy in the bridle, but most warningsigns are not as obvious. As a matter of fact, animals seldom show symptoms ofdental issues. Dental pain typically comes on slowly, and horses learn to livewith it, but they might act a little odd. When those issues are treatedappropriately, you will likely notice a happier, more carefree animal!

Dental checkupsand PowerFloats are essential for horses. As a horse becomes older, the shapeand angle of its teeth begin to change and some problems may occur. Properdental care from the beginning of your horse’s life can help eliminate theseproblems before they start, and knowing what signs to look for will helpprevent further dental problems.


What to Expect from a Dental Exam:

  • Sedation
  • Speculum Exam
  • PowerFloat, if necessary
  • Dental Radiographs, if necessary
  • Minor tooth extractions, if necessary
  • Targeted plan for continued Dental Maintenance and Oral Health

How We Support You:

  • A Caring & Compassionate Team
  • Consultation with a Veterinary Dentist ()
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Customized Care Plans

Reasons Why Horses May Need Tooth Extractions:

Hereat Southern Crescent Equine Services, we are experts in caring for your horse's dental needs. We work closely with a Veterinary Dentist, , so if an extraction is necessary, you can be confident your equine friend is in the best hands!

  • Fracture
  • Periodontal disease(disease around the tooth)
  • Infundibular disease(disease within the tooth)
  • Supernumerary teeth (baby teeth that were not pushed out by adult teeth)
  • Displaced teeth
  • Retained deciduous teeth (commonly known as wolf teeth)
  • Equine odonto clastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (EOTRH)

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