Gastroscopy and Endoscopy in Newnan, GA

Gastroscopy is used to assess the stomach of horses to diagnose disorders such as equine gastric ulcer syndrome.


Endoscopy is used to assess the entire upper airway and part of the lower airway (down the trachea, to the bifurcation of the bronchi, and into the upper bronchi).

Southern Crescent Equine Services offers the latest mobile video endoscopes that are 3.0 metres in length, ensuring our vets can assess the upper airway and trachea, the entire esophagus, as well as the stomach and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum). This ability allows us to undertake a complete assessment of your horse.

What is the procedure prior to the gastroscopy?

To visualise the mucosa, the stomach must be empty. Therefore, the horse must be starved overnight in order for them to be ready for their procedure in the morning.

Southern Crescent Equine Services offers on-farm gastroscopies, however we have strict scheduling requirements if this is a service you would like to purse:

  1. We advise that the gastroscopy is booked for the morning; this allows you to take the food out after the horse’s evening feed.
  2. If you are starving your horse yourself, you should ensure that they do not have access to any food for 12 hours prior to the procedure.
  3. Ideally the horse should be on inedible bedding, and it is advised that they are muzzled if they are likely to eat any bedding or feces.
  4. The water should be taken out one hour before the procedure.
  5. If the horse is not starved correctly then it is more difficult to give an accurate diagnosis, and re-scopes may be necessary.

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