Equine Dental Floats

Have you noticed a foul odor coming from your horses mouth or nose? Have they been losing weight, dropping food, or quidding hay(formation of hay “cigars”)? If so, it may be time to schedule a Dental exam today! Our team has vast experience in caring for our patients' dental needs, so you can be confident that at Southern Crescent Equine Services, your equine friend is in good hands when it’s time for teeth floating.

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What is Dental Floating?

The term “floating” refers to the filing or rasping of a horse’s teeth and gets its name from the instrument used; the “dental float”. For the safety of the horse and veterinarian and forthe comfort of the horse, sedation is required for an effective dental exam. Before the exam begins, the mouth is flushed to remove any food particles.

Once the horse’s mouth is clean, the speculum is put in place to hold the mouth open and a platform is placed under the chin so that the horse can rest its head.The teeth are then inspected for sharp points or hooks, tooth decay, and abscesses. The electric dental float will smooth any sharp points or hooks and improve evenness of the bite.

What to Expect from a PowerFloat Procedure

  • Removal of plaque from affected canine teeth
  • Assessment of gum and tooth root integrity
  • Rasping or Grinding of sharp enamel points (with a power tool) to ensure a smooth lingual surface and even grinding surface of teeth
  • Extraction of any loose/decaying teeth (especially in elderly patients).
  • Inspection of lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums for any growths, wounds, or ulcers created by sharp enamel points
  • Dental Radiographs, if necessary, to assess tooth root integrity

How Do I Know If My Horse Needs a PowerFloat?

These are signs that a horse is having problems with their teeth and is in need of a floating:

  • Long, unchewed particles of hay in manure
  • Changes in eating or drinking habits
  • Irregular movement of lower jaw
  • Bumps or enlargement on jaw/side of face
  • Dropping partially chewed food from mouth
  • Weight loss
  • Foul odor coming from mouth/nose
  • Holding head in abnormal position during eating
  • Head shaking during work

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