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We offer all types of assistance with reproduction and breeding, from semen collection to uterine cultures/cytology, so you know when the best breeding day will be. We offer artificial insemination (AI), cooled semen, frozen and embryo transfers.

We can check for pregnancy with ultrasound and are able to board your mare at our clinic as it gets closer to the due date. With the Foal Alert System the vet is notified the moment your mare begins to give birth. We are ready to help if you have questions about any part of foaling, and will be close by in case of emergency. We are here to help you succeed.


We are proud to offer equine reproductive services, provided by a knowledgeable and experienced staff. We offer a range of reproductive services, and we utilize state of the art technology to ensure the health of your horse.

Some of the services we provide include fertility services, embryo transfer, as well as artificial insemination. We also encourage breeding consultations with our highly trained and experienced team.

If you have any questions about our equine reproductive services, please call us today at (770) 252-6860.

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