Chiropractic in Newnan, GA

Southern Crescent Equine Services offers animal chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Libby Reidy. She was trained at Options for Animals in Wellsville, KS and is certified with IVCA.

Dr. Katy Mayhew also offers animal chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic entails feeling for decreased motion or restrictions between two structures, such as a joint or two spinal vertebra. When a spinal segment or joint isn’t moving through it’s normal range of motion, inflammation and pain develop. If left uncorrected, the inflammation will continue to build and lead to poor use of the affected body region which can cause compensatory issues. As time continues on with the joint or spinal segment left incorrect, inflammation will continue to build into true structural changes such as adhesions and osteoarthritis which further restricts normal range of motion.

In a chiropractic adjustment, the doctor assesses the normal range of motion between two specific structures. When normal range of motion is decreased, the doctor will perform a very specific thrust to increase the range of motion back to normal. By returning a joint’s motion back to its normal range of motion, you eliminate inflammation which treats the pain or soreness horse is exhibiting.

Chiropractic works well independently or in conjunction with other traditional, western medicine techniques for lameness or body soreness. Chiropractic also can treat other non-lameness related internal issues such as infertility or gastric ulcers. Chiropractic is best used preventatively to maintain normal range of motion in all joints. When used as a preventive, injuries are better prevented, healing time is decreased, while overall general health is increased.

Please call SCES to schedule your horse’s or dog’s chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Libby is very excited to show you all the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment on your horse or dog.

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